Gandhi demands better approach to India

Gandhi pointed out as in a reply to the League’s stand that Congress is not a Hindu outfit and that the Hindu Mahasabha would look after the Hindu case as the Muslim League would the Muslim case.

People from various quarters criticized Gandhi for his various statements. He was even ridiculed for many of his views and decisions. And Gandhi found it tortuous. He thought he was living through some of the most agonizing days in his life. He had sacrificed his life for India and now the Indians …

Gandhi did not lose his heart. He sent a message to the British Government through an English newspaper. In the message he posed a question to them. Are you willing to consider India as in independent country? The answer to it would decide whether to support Britain in its war efforts or not. If India is not given complete independence, there would be no meaning in India supporting the second world war efforts, he explained.

The Congress Working Committee asked the people to celebrate the Day if Independence on 26th January, 1940 in a more joyous style than in the previous years. The committee reaffirmed its pledge to win the freedom of the country in an absolutely non-violent manner.