Gandhi trial in Sarojini Naidu's words

The trial and other proceedings lasted for ninety minutes. Sarojini Naidu, his disciple and famous poet, was by the side of Gandhi during the trial. The atmosphere inside the court room was super-charged and those historic moments were described by the poet as follows:

“Gandhi was an offender in the eyes of law. But when the lean figure of Gandhi in rough loin clothes entered the courtroom, every one seated there stood up as a mark of respect…and the judge there was quite an appropriate person for the extra-ordinary situation. …the way he treated a great man as Gandhiji was so nice that no words of praise would be in excess….I pricked up my ears to listen to each word that my master uttered there. It all brought to my mind a similar scene at a different place in a different age…The scene of the crucifixion of the great apostle of peace…”