Simon Commission

What was the British Government’s approach to the demand of the Congress for India’s freedom? According to the India Act that came into being in 1919, a commission had to be appointed after 10 years to evaluate the governance in India. 

But the government decided to appoint such a commission two years ahead of the deadline. The reason was that there was to be a general election in England in 1929. 

The ruling Conservative Party feared that if their opponents, the Labor Party wins, there might be some far-reaching changes, rather revolutionary ones, with regards to the governance of India. That is why the Conservatives decided to appoint a commission while they were still in power. 

The commission was to recommend any changes that might be needed to the implementation of the India Act of 1919. And they could accept or reject the recommendations of the commission according to their interests. 

The commission consisted of 7 members, all Britons and members of Parliament including Clement Atlee who later became the Prime Minister of England. Its chairman was a famous jurist of London, Sir John Simon.