Presidentship of congress to Jawaharlal Nehru

The All India Congress Committee session of 1929 at Lahore was historic in more than one way. It was at this session that Jawaharlal Nehru took over the Presidentship of the party from his father Motilal Nehru. 

It was in this session that Jawaharlal Nehru, as president of the party declared that complete independence India from the British rule is the goal of the party and that Indian independence meant complete freedom from foreign rule. Then only India could be a full member in the comity of nations, he declared.

A resolution adopted by the session, the congress party pointed out that the British rule had destroyed not only the independence of India, but squeezed off the political, economic, cultural and spiritual energy of Indian people only to satisfy their profit motives. 

And therefore, the resolution said, we believe that it is highly necessary to break off from the British empire and win complete independence for the sake of the development of Indian people. The congress members of the central and provincial legislatures of India were asked to resign their positions.