Errhine therapy in Ayurveda

The application of medicated oil or powders through the nostrils is called Nasya. The main types of Nasya are Virechana Nasya, Dhmana Nasya, Brumhana Nasya and Shamana Nasya.

Nasya is also carried out in the three stages of Panchakarma, namely Purvakarma, Pradhanakarma and Paschatkarma. After oleation and sudation processes, the patient is made to lie down on his back with his head bent slightly back. Warm oil is then dripped into both nostrils which the patient draws in.

Nasya is one of the pentads of Panchakarma therapy in Ayurveda for eliminating toxins for better health.

If the Nasya therapy has been carried out effectively, Kapha related toxins from the para-nasal sinuses are eliminated and the region is nourished.

Nasya is an excellent remedy for chronic sinusitis, headache, throat diseases, epilepsy, catarrh, migraine, voice constraint, eye diseases and cervical spondylitis.