Therapeutic enema

The word Vasti means bladder. Traditionally, cow or buffalo urinary bladders were filled with medicated liquids and used for enema. This is how the ayurveda treatment obtained its name. The bladder has now been replaced with modern equipments.

As with all the other Panchakarma purification procedures, in Vasti too, preliminary oil and sweat therapies are essential. After this, lukewarm and freshly prepared Vasti liquid is injected into the colon via the rectum. No harm will occur if the fluid remains inside the colon for long. Normally within 45 minutes or one hour at the most the fluid will be discharged which contains Amam and other toxins along with the faecal matter.

Vasti using oils medicated with herbs is called Anuvasana Vasti and that in which a herbal decoction is used is called Nirooha vasti.

Vasti is good for health problems like colic, calculus, kidney stones, afflictions of the spleen and many other diseases caused by a Vata disorder.