The British East India company’s evil designs, cruelties, opportunism and greed had caused a general feeling of widespread dissatisfaction and anger in various parts of India.  This resulted in attempts at revolts in many parts of the country. But most of them were sporadic, under-equipped and unorganized. 

The Sanyasi Revolt (1763-1800), the Zemindar Revolt of Orissa (1804-1817), The Resistance Rebellion (1790-1805) of Tamil Nadu, under the leadership of Kattabomman and others, the Resistance War in Kerala waged by Veluthampi Dalawa of Travancore and Paliyathachan of Kochi (1809), the guerilla operations of Pazhassi Raja Kerala Varma (1773-1797), The Kurichya Revolt (1812), the Mysore Rebellion (1800-1831) etc., are part of these. 

There were a number of rebellions in Maharashtra against the British rule. In Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana, the Jats organized forceful rebellions. These sparks of protests and anger flared up in the form of a great whirlwind of a movement which is called ‘the First Struggle for Independence’ (1857).