Scars and blemishes : Red sandalwood & honey

A cost effective beauty formulae from India with herbs for scars and blemishes

  • Red sandal wood
  • Honey
Note : Red sandalwood is a very effective scar remover. Even deep scars left by chicken pox and so on can be removed with red sandalwood. It also improves the complexion of the skin. Though it is available in the form of powder, it is better to rub a piece of the wood on stone to make a paste.

Method of preparation

Pour a bit of honey on to a clean, rough surface like a piece of granite, a cement top or on to a stone that is commonly used for making herbal ointments. Now rub the piece of wood on the surface. Keep pouring the honey little by little as the wood is rubbed. Mix to get a paste.

Method of application

Apply the paste on the face. After half an hour wash off with lukewarm water.