Sirshasana is considered one of the most important yoga asanas.

Sit upon your heels. Bend forward and rest the forearms on the floor. The distance between your elbows should be the same as the width of your shoulder. Interlock the fingers forming a cup to make a support for the head. Then gently place the crown of the head on the floor with the back of the head touching the palms.

Without moving the head or arms straighten the knees by raising the hips up. Now walk the feet towards the face. Do this slowly and carefully until the hips are over the head.  Now your body is in an inverted ‘V’ position.

Lift the legs off the ground with knees bent slightly. Balancing on the elbows and head supported by the cupped palms, gently straighten the knees until the feet point up towards the ceiling. Hold this position for up to two or three minutes. Then flex the knees and slide back down to the floor.

Effect: Sirshasana strengthens the respiratory system and improves blood circulation. Enhances the powers of memory and concentration and good for your health.