Thrissur Pooram

Date    :  May 12, 2011
Venue :  Thrissur, Kerala

The Thrissur Pooram, arguably the most famous festival of Kerala, is also one of the most spectacular festivals in the world.

The festival showcases the best of the land including caparisoned elephants, traditional percussion ensembles, meticulously crafted decorative umbrellas and the joie de vivre of its people. The two-day festival culminates with a dazzling display of fireworks. Thousands from all over the State and tourists from many parts of the country and abroad, throng to Thrissur for the Pooram.

Introduced during the reign of Sakthan Thampuran (1775-1790), the Raja of Kochi, Pooram is supposed to celebrate the occasion of an assemblage of suburban deities before the presiding deity of Shiva at the Vadakkumnathan temple. The celebrations are held at the Thekkinkadu grounds. Two groups representing the main geographic divisions of Thrissur, Paramekkavu Temple and Thiruvambadi Temple, engage in a ritualistic competition. The teams field richly caparisoned elephants and then the Kudamattom, the competition where the rival teams display brightly coloured and sequinned parasols begins. The team with the most spectacular display is adjudged the winner of the year.

Chendamelam and Panchavadyam performances by masters of traditional percussion instruments provide a spell-binding accompaniment to the show. Finally, there are the fireworks that paint the night sky with psychedelic colours and incredible designs.
The day after the Pooram, there is the Pakal Pooram or the Day Pooram where the festivities of the previous nights are enacted again, though on a much smaller scale.