Uragulika is an ayurvedic handmade tablet made out of various herbs as per classical recipe.

Ingredients for making a powder for the tablet

1. Ayamodakam : Scientific name: Trachyspermum ammi
                                Sanskrit name : Ajamodaka
                                 English name : Bishop’s weed

2. Vayambu         : Scientific name: Aeorus calamus
                                Sanskrit name : Vacha
                                English name : Calamua or Sweet flag

3. Jathi(fruit)         : Scientific name: Myristica frgrans
                                 Sanskrit name : Jaathi
                                 English name : Nutmeg

4. Kaduku            : Scientific name: Brassica nigra
                                Sanskrit name : Rajika
                                English name : Indian (black) mustard

5. Kadurohini       : Scientific name: Pierorrhiza kurroa
                                 Sanskrit name : Kadurohini
                                 English name : Hellebore plant

6. Ginger (Dried): Scientific name: Zingiber officinale
                                Sanskrit name : Sringaveram
                                English name : Ginger

7. Kurumulaku    : Scientific name: Piper nigrum
                                Sanskrit name : Maricha
                                English name : Black pepper

8. Thippali            : Scientific name: Piper longum
                                 Sanskrit name : Pippali
                                 English name : Long Pepper

Take these ingredients and washed clean and dried in shade before crushing it into a fine powder. The powder thus obtained may be mixed with the extracts of the following herbs and ground to a paste.

1. Poovankurunthal : Scientific name: Vernonia cineria
                                      Sanskrit name : Shadevii
                                      English name : Ash coloured fliben

2. Panikkoorka         : Scientific name: Coleus ambonicus
                                      Sanskrit name : Pashana bhedi
                                      English name : Indian rock foil

3. Kayyonni               :  Scientific name: Eclipta alba
                                       Sanskrit name : Kesharaja


While grinding, also add garlic, rock salt and asafoetida. Now you can make little globules out of the herbal paste and the same may be dried.

The tablet along with muthil and turmeric in the requisite proportion controls skin diseases.

In addition to this, the tablet is highly recommended for those women who suffer from premenstrual stomach pain. They are advised to take one tablet daily for ten days before the period starts.

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