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Thai Kottaram at Eraniel Palace

Featured in this video is the Thai Kottaram (thai means mother and kottaram means palace), a part of Eraniel palace, the earlier abode of the erstwhile princely state of Travancore for nearly 700 years. Once a part of Kerala, the palace is now in the neighbouring State of Tamil Nadu, which happened after the reorganization of Indian states in 1957 on the basis of language.

The Thai Kottaram is now in a ruined state and is assumed to be more than 200 years old as there are no clear records regarding the period of its construction.

Thai Kottaram was a typical double-storied nalukettu (traditional courtyard house of Kerala) with an entry space, a visitor’s hall and smaller rooms, this palace proclaims the majesty of traditional construction. There are a series of carved stone pillars with exquisitely carved wooden capitals along the exterior as well as the interior of the ground floor.