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Vasanthamalika in Eraniel Palace

The Vasanthamalika, which used to be the spring bungalow of the King, is a masterpiece displaying the excellence in wood craftsmanship of the tachans – the traditional carpenters of Travancore.

A part of Eraniel Palace, Vasanthamalika is a single shala covered by a wooden double roof and has an ottakkal kattil (monolithic cot), which is remarkable for its rich stone carvings and is placed on a raised platform at the centre. Above this is a wooden pavilion adorned with decorations in wood and faded mural paintings on the walls and the roof panels, depicting scenes from the great epics reminding the onlooker of a glorious royal past.

To much of our dismay and grief this spring bungalow is today in a very pathetic condition with much of its superstructure collapsed due to vandalism and exposure to elements of weather.