Ambedkar – champion of the untouchables

In 1920 he was sponsored for further studies in London. He secured a masters degree from the London School of Economics, and a Ph. D. from the London University for his thesis on ‘The problem of the Rupee’.  He did not stop there and won a degree of barrister-at–law and the left for Germany, got admitted to the University of Bern and furthered his knowledge in legal studies.

Returning to India, he entered into the practice of law at the High Court in Bombay, and established himself as an able lawyer. He also continued to champion the causes of the depressed classes in the society. He accused Gandhi of not giving as much importance to the anti-untouchability movement as he gave to the propagation of khadi, the hand-woven clothes.  And years of struggle for the cause of the ‘untouchables’ followed. In the meanwhile, his wife Remabai died as also his three sons and the daughter.