Ambedkar ‘s meteoric rise

When the father got a job in Bombay, the son was put to the Elphinston High school there and a teacher there gave him a copy of the biography of Buddha, a book that was to change his life later on. At 14, he married a 9-year old Remabai. And with the help of a scholarship the King of Baroda Bhim Rao joined the college, and graduated in English and Persian, upon which he joined the Baroda State Service, but the upper caste Hindus would not give him a peaceful life there. When his father died, he resigned from the post he was holding.

But the king would not let him go like that, and he sent the brilliant youngster for higher studies in the U.S. He secured a masters degree in politics from the University of Columbia and later the university awarded him a Ph. D. for his learned analysis on the national dividends due to India historically. He then left for England and enrolled as a barrister with the Gray’s Inn and joined the London School of Economics for higher studies in economics (1916).