Ambedkar begins his fight for equality

Returning to India, Ambedkar was appointed military secretary to the King of Baroda. Though he was an officer of a very high rank and status, even his sub-ordinate officers did not show the respect and courtesy he deserved, and instead they treated him as an untouchable. The peons threw the files onto his table, instead of placing it there properly lest they should become ‘impure’ by the contact with an untouchable. He did not even get a house on rent, in spite of his offering a higher rent, because he was an untouchable outcaste.

A highly qualified person with highly graded academic calibrations, he found it difficult to get a job and so finally he entered into a business consultancy service. And yet, no one turned to him for his lowly origins. When he was appointed professor in the politics department of college in Bombay, his colleagues isolated him and he had to throw away the job. He called meetings of ‘the depressed classes’ and impressed upon them of their human and democratic rights. And he launched a periodical for the propagation of the same ideas all over India.