Breasts healthy figure : Country mallow, Winter cherry, Lac

Another method of beauty therapy from India with herbs for breasts healthy figure
Country mallow’s root, Winter cherry, Lac, Sesame oil
Method of preparation
Take 320 grams each of country mallow’s root, winter cherry and lac. Wash and crush together. To the crushed mixture, add 15.360 litre of water and boil. When the liquid reduces in volume to 3.840 litres, strain the solids out. Now take 40 grams each of the herbs again, wash, dry and powder and grind using plain water. Add the paste to the kashaya – the liquid obtained earlier after straining. Now add 960 ml of sesame oil and boil over a low flame. The oil is ready when the kalka or residue is gummy.
Method of application
Apply the oil on the breasts twice daily. Massage for half an hour during application.