Breasts healthy figure : Indian sarsaparilla, Country mallow, Ginger, Pepper, Long pepper, Tree turmeric, Vidaryadi ghrutam

One of the beauty treatments from India for breasts healthy figure with herbs is as follows :
Indian sarsaparilla (Black), The root of country mallow, Dried ginger, Pepper, Long pepper, Dried turmeric, Tree turmeric, Mimosa natans or Little Tree Plant, Ghee, Sesame oil, Dhanwantaram taila, Honey, Vidaryadi ghrutam
Method of preparation
Take 15 grams each of Indian sarsaparilla, country mallow roots, dried ginger, pepper, long pepper, dried turmeric, tree turmeric and sikerpud. Wash, dry, and grind. Now mix with 240 ml each of ghee and sesame oil and heat on a low fire. When the kalka (the residue) has become gummy remove from flame. Dhanwantaram taila, honey and Vidaryadi ghrutam taken in a measure equal to that of the liquid should be mixed with the liquid at the time of application.
Method of application
Apply twice each day on the breasts and massage for half an hour.