Botanical name - Curcuma longa
Family - zingiberaceae

A small spice plant with underground rhizomes. Turmeric rhizome is mainly used to ensure glowing, bright skin. It is used internally and externally for its astringent and cleaning properties, typically as an herbal medicine to treat stomach discomfort and in cosmetics to promote healthy skin. When crushed, the oil this rhizome yields is an efficient natural moisturizer and it also has antiseptic properties. Turmeric facemasks are extensively available in Herbs parlors for their skin-friendly treatment that prevents bacterial infection. Turmeric pastes cure pigmentation, maintain the pH factor and are constantly applied on the neck, face and over-all body to enhance the complexion and brightness of skin. Turmeric paste is applied to small pox and chickenpox eruptions to promote scab formation. In eczema and other parasitic skin infections turmeric paste is applied. Turmeric paste made with addition of quick lime is applied as dressing for black eye, bruises etc.