Botanical name - Lawsonia inermis
Family- lythraceae

A small shrub of about 2m found in India, Egypt, and Sudan etc. Though predominantly used in hair nourishment henna is also applied on the skin in various forms. For hair care henna paste (mehendi) is made from the powdery extract of henna plant. It is then mixed with egg white and thoroughly applied for thick, shiny hair. In combination with coffee powder, amla powder and onion peels henna makes a perfect hair conditioner. Henna is also used to color the body, primarily hands and feet and for making temporary tattoos on the skin. For fungal skin diseases leaf extract is applied.

Leaf paste is applied on inflammatory swellings, leprosy, skin diseases, burning feet; rheumatic joints etc. leaf ointment is applied on ulcers, wounds and bruises. Decoction of bark is an useful dressing for scalds and burns. It is given internally for skin diseases. Extract of tender shoot and flowers are given in leprosy.