Chandan or Sandalwood

Botanical name - Santalum album
Family - Santalaceae

A medium sized tree. The wood of Chandan is used internally and externally. The external application of chandan is through oil, stick, powder and paste derived from the wood. The aromatic essence of chandan has made it a favorite of the Herbs industry. It possesses various soothing qualities that effectively work against skin ailments and allergies. Chandan herbal face pack and scrubs made from chandan powder cleanses our skin thoroughly and brings a healthy glow to it. Chandan is a principal cooling agent and comes to utmost use during the hot days. Paste of chandan is a cooling dressing for prickly heat, eruptive skin, inflamed swellings. Chandan oil is applied for curing scabies and other skin diseases. Mixed with equal amount of mustard oil it can be applied to cure pimples.