Communal Riot

But the peace was short-lived. Communal clashes vitiated the atmosphere by the end of the month. Loot, arson, murder. 

Gandhi went on a fast. He declared his fast would end if only sanity returned to the city of Calcutta. Magical was its effect. Those who indulged in mindless and terrible violence came to Gandhi at his bedside and begged for forgiveness. 

The pledged they would not resort to violence again. Ending his fast Gandhi returned to Delhi in September to see a city of fierce communal clashes and murder. 

Is it the freedom Gandhi fought for? Is it the freedom the Congress leaders dreamt? It was madness. People of two communities were killing and being killed. Those were the most frightening days and nights in Delhi. 

Partition was not just geo-political. It was partition of relationships, friendliness, and in every other way. Hindus and Sikhs joined hands in looting Muslim houses, destroying or damaging mosques, stabbing any Muslim-looking passer-by and engaged in all sorts of crimes. It was chaos unlimited. Busloads and trainloads of dead bodies traveled between the new India and Pakistan. Apocalypse?