Partition of India

But the Muslim League did not accept the condition on the constitution because there was no mention of ‘Pakistan’ in the suggestions of Cripps. Gandhi too did not agree to the Cripps suggestions. Congress Working Committee too rejected the Cripps suggestions. And Cripps returned to England. 

In England, the new general elections to the parliament saw that the conservatives being defeated and the Labor Party in power. Clement Atlee, an ardent supporter and friend of India, was elected the new Prime Minister. 

The new government brought in a new set of reforms for India. According to it, the departments of defense, foreign affairs and communications would remain with the central government. 

The country would be divided into three parts, A, B, and C. The division C would comprise of the Muslim-majority areas of Punjab, Sindh, North Western Frontier Province and Baluchistan.
After some initial hesitation, the Muslim League accepted it, and so did the Congress. There was a feeling that peace was going to set in. But something dramatic was going to happen in India.