Total Independence Resolution

In March, the All India Congress held its annual session and adopted a resolution which categorically declared total independence or complete independence was the only solution to the Indian Problem and that the party was not to support the British in its war efforts Quit India movement began. 

Gandhi was present in this meeting and it was after the gap of six years that a congress meet heard Gandhi’s speech. He spoke in his typical clarity, logic and force, though his voice was the usual low-pitched one. 

He told the delegates: “People throng to Congress in the hope of securing positions of power. Those who once did not want to join the Congress are now running towards it and pollute it. These people have only one motivation – their selfishness. How can we throw them out? Unfortunately we do not have the purity of mind and discipline to achieve this. In the peaceful resistance movement I am supposed to be your commander in chief. In discharging the duties vested on me by virtue of this, my only weapons are the love and the trust you have reposed on me. But you have to work in accordance with what I ask you to do. And for this you should have necessary discipline, commitment and obedience. Otherwise you have to find another commander. I cannot act according to your wishes. Either you work as I tell you, or I will go away to my own mission. I have no new program other than what I have placed before you way back in 1920.”