Demand for Pakistan intensifies

Days passed by. The war ended with the defeat of Germany, suicide of Hitler, the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagazaki in Japan by using the atomic bombs for the first time in history, the defeat of Japan. Though Britain won, it had become thoroughly weak and terribly exhausted. 

In India it was a worse post-war situation. Famine, disease, starvation, and total disorder - this was the order of the day. 

In England another general election returned the Labor Party and Atlee to power again. A cabinet mission was deputed to India to hold discussions with the Indian leaders on the structure and shape of a free India. 

The Congress and the Muslim League were in two different poles. They would not unite in a free India. The League had been so far encouraged by the British to pursue their demand for a divided India and the creation of Pakistan. But now they failed in taming the League. 

When the viceroy invited Jawaharlal Nehru to form an interim government, Jinnah called upon his people to observe a ‘direct action day’ in Bengal. But this turned out to be a terrible day of blood bath between the two communities. 

Gandhi was sad at the turn of events. He was staying in the ‘untouchable’s colony in Delhi itself. He was not sitting in silence, but speaking and writing continuously to people against the violent orgies people indulged in their communal and social madness. Gandhi’s words for peace and non-violence did not seem to have any effect.