Gandhi in Calcutta - Part III

A deserted Muslim house was found for the two men in a section of the city called Belighat. On the afternoon of 13th August, I was driven there by an Indian friend, but when we arrived we were met by a crowd of shouting young Hindu men. 

When we tried to pacify them, explaining that I was a friend of Gandhi, they shouted: “Gandhi go back.” Finally, some of the men came into the house and began to talk with Gandhi. The details of such a talk can be imagined. 

The young Hindus had been preparing for this day, when they might have a purely Hindu India and when the Muslims would go to Pakistan. An eager young Hindu Congressman had assured me a few days before that he thought it likely that there would be heavy slaughter of Muslims and Hindus immediately after freedom. 

But Gandhi hoped for something better. He told the young men that this was no way to start India on her life of independence. They should see that India was a land of tolerance and generosity. He sent them home to think it all over.”