C. F. Andrews recommends Gandhi’s visit to Punjab

Gandhi had now become an essential factor in India’s dreams for the future. But the Lieutenant Governor of Punjab said that the responsibility of the unhappy and tragic events in Punjab was with Gandhi who instigated people to rise in revolt against the Government. 

Some of the people in Punjab too had the same opinion. Those people even threatened that if Gandhi reached anywhere in Punjab, he would be killed.  But Gandhi stood his ground. He said he had endorsed the stand of the people. Gandhi had not been to Punjab till then. He had in fact proceeded to Punjab once or twice, but for various reasons he had to cancel the trips. 

When the Government lifted the Martial law in Punjab, he made preparations to go, but because the Viceroy wanted him to postpone his trip, he obliged for some reasons of propriety.

On visiting Punjab, C.F. Andrews, the English priest, who was a great admirer of Gandhi’s philosophy and principles, and who worked with him both in South Africa and India for the cause of civil rights, visited Punjab, was convinced of the atrocities the authorities perpetrated on the innocent and peaceful masses of Punjab,  and wrote to Gandhi about it. 

The letter insisted that Gandhi should visit Punjab. Some from other parts of India too wrote to Gandhi to the same effect. Gandhi wrote to the Viceroy about it and in October 1919 he visited Punjab.