Amritsar congress convention

The Indian national leaders felt that it would be better to hold the convention of the Congress Party near Jallianwala Bagh. and it was held in Amritsar. This convention brought out the leadership qualities of Gandhi, especially his efficiency and perseverance. 

The convention decided to construct a suitable memorial to the tragedy of Jallianwalla Bagh and to prepare a new constitution for the congress Party. Both these were undertaken by Gandhi and he carried out the mission efficiently.

The struggle went on and the Government kept up its policy of brutal suppression of the people’s struggle for the country’s freedom from the foreign yoke. 

However, the struggle gained momentum; and the government unleashed a terrible wave of brutal handling and massive arrests. The more the arrests, the larger became the number of volunteers who joined the struggle, fearlessly. 

Gandhi’s call for passive resistance and to court arrest was accepted with great enthusiasm and carried out by the people of India. Those arrested till December 1921 numbered more than 20,000, according to one assessment. 

The general atmosphere in India was one of unrest and people were willing to sacrifice anything for the cause which Gandhi, standing with them, embodied.