Leaders shocked on Gandhi’s decision

India was shocked. Gandhi’s decision might be a temporary expression of   his displeasure some of the leaders took it that way. But Gandhi now concentrated on villages and their lives. 

He knew that the soul of India lived not in the cities, but in the thatched hutments of the poor in the villages. So he set up his new home in Wardha, and it soon became a center of rural reconstruction. 

Gandhi tried all his abilities in popularizing and propagating the cause of the rural products. We should use the articles produced by the villagers, only those things, said Gandhi. The articles you can buy form the cities may be more beautiful and these rural stuff rough. But we should encourage the artistic abilities of the villager he wrote in his journals and told in the meetings. 

We should try to raise the sense of cleanliness and moral standard. He wrote and spoke vehemently for cottage industries and for the hand-spun clothes. He consistently advised people to make surroundings clean, keeping the wells and ponds clean, and to keep personal hygiene. 

He used his journal effectively to propagate his messages. And his messages can be summarized just in three words – khadi, serving the untouchables, and serving the villages.