Congress wins election

Gandhi did not take any part in the electioneering. Pandit Nehru was the leader of the campaign. He toured through several parts of the country –more than 50,000 miles. He spoke to millions of people. He requested them to vote for Congress. 

When the results of the first ever elections were declared (February 1937), the Congress bagged most of the seats with thumping majorities. Elections were held for 11 states of which 6 states were went to the Congress – out of the total 1585 seats this party bagged 715. 

The party had a left wing and right wing, though informally. The right-wingers were for assuming power and using the power strengthening the hold of the party all over the country. But the left-wing leaders like Subhash Bose and Pandit Nehru opposed this line. 

Gandhi had suggested that the party should form ministries in the states where the party won majority. This suggestion was accepted by the party’s working committee on a condition that the party should make it sure that the governors and the viceroy should not misuse the unlimited powers vested on them constitutionally, but should act only with the concurrence of the party leadership.