Last Day of Gandhi’s Life – I

A graphic and vivid account of the last day of the life of Mahatma Gandhi has been given by Tushar A. Gandhi, one of the Mahatma’s great-grandson, author, activist, and speaker in his book, Let us Kill Gandhi.

“Gandhi woke up at his usual time of 3.30 am on January30, 1948” – thus begins the account. It was bitterly cold, but the Mahatma and his entourage said their morning prayers in the open verandah of Birla House, where they had been staying for the last four months.

Tushar says Gandhiji asked for his correspondence file, later that morning. Among the letters he had to attend to that morning was a note of condolence to a co-worker who had recently lost his daughter. “What comfort can I give you?” Gandhiji wrote to him. “Death is a true friend. It is only our ignorance that makes us grieve. Sulochana’s spirit was yesterday, is today and shall continue tomorrow.”