Lustrous complexion for children : Coconut milk, Turmeric

A cost effective beauty formulae from India with herbs for children’s lustrous complexion with native herbs
Coconut milk, Raw turmeric
Method of preparation
Take the coconut milk from four or five ripe coconuts. Add 25 grams of raw turmeric to the milk and then boil it on a low flame. In a short while, coconut oil will start to form in the vessel. When all the milk has converted into oil, lower the flame still. At the bottom of the vessel, you will find turmeric particles. Put out the fire when these get roasted but not burned. When the oil cools, strain and store in an airtight container. This oil is excellent for the skin and keeps it healthy. It also improves the colour of the skin. The coconut oil procured from coconut milk may also be used without adding any medicinal substances to it.