Martyrdom of Gandhi

Today the world has re-discovered the significance of the life, work and message of Gandhi and the very word Gandhi invites now instantaneous attention. Lucky are those who become idols during their lifetime. But there are some exceptions too. Some who are idolized during their lifetime are persecuted and penalized after they are no more. 

One might even surmise if this predicament goes to almost all great souls of history. Great men are done to death by their own followers and admirers when they feel that their idol does not rise to their expectations of late. From Buddha the Great to Jesus Christ, from Abraham Lincoln to Mahatma Gandhi we have a good list of those who fell before the displeasure of their followers or one-time admirers. Mahatma Gandhi is the latest among those martyrs in History. Gandhi fell at the bullets of a Hindu fanatic in 1948, just months after his country gained freedom from foreign yoke.