The trip to attend Second Round Table Conference

In his trip to London for Second Round Table Conference, Gandhi used to get up every morning at 4 and did his prayers. In the evening prayers the other Indian passengers, and some Europeans used to participate. 

Gandhi’s breakfast consisted of goat’s milk and dates and grapes. His baggage contained some simple clothes and his spinning wheel. He spent his time in the ship reading and writing replies to the letters he received. 

At the ports of call, like Eden and Suez, Indians thronged in large numbers waving the tricolor flag of India. Some of the Indians presented Gandhi with amounts of money for his future use. 

In Marseilles, Gandhi was received by the sister of Romain Rolland, as the Nobel Prize winning writer could not be there due to his ill health. 

The press persons of Paris were surprised to see Gandhi in his typical clothing and they asked him if this was how he was going to travel along the streets of London, Gandhi answered with a disarming smile that he was just a poor traveler who had with him as his only possessions his spinning wheel, a plate of metal he used in the jail to eat his meals, and a tumbler to have his drink of goat-milk, six loin clothes and some simple towels. 

In a reception the students of Paris saluted Gandhi as the Spiritual Messenger of India.