Second Round Table Conference

Gandhi, addressing the session, stressed the importance of Hindu-Muslim amity and only if this was achieved, the goal of complete Indian independence could be won. If the riotous communal situation continued, there would be no use participating in the London Conference, he pointed out.

Finally they arrived at a decision to meet the Viceroy of British India in Simla where he was camping at that time and to bring about a solution to the problem. Gandhi, accordingly, proceeded to the hill station, accompanied by Indian leaders Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Gaffar Khan, and Ansari, his colleagues. As a result of the talks with the Viceroy of British India a compromise formula was drafted:

1. Gandhi would go to London to participate in the Round Table conference as the lone representative of the Congress Party.
2. The government will implement the conditions of the Gandhi-Irwin pact.
3. The government would institute an enquiry into the violence in Burdoli, but not about other demands of the Congress party.