Indian opinion

In 1901 he again traveled to India and attended the Congress Session and moved a resolution on the South African Indian problem. Next year he traveled up to Rangoon in Burma and met Gopal Krishna Gokhale in Calcutta and stayed with him for a month. These contacts cast strong influences on him and he was now concerned about the real Indian Cause. Indian psyche had been demoralized by the British colonialists. Gandhi decided to settle down in Bombay and practice law at Bombay again. 

But he was called back to Durban, South Africa to lead the movement against anti-Asiatic legislation in Transvaal. So he reached Durban and led a delegation to London and met Chamberlain there. He enrolled as an Attorney of the Supreme Court of Transvaal and founded Transvaal British Indian Association in 1903. It was in this year that he started publication of the fortnightly ‘Indian Opinion’. He carried news and articles in it in Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil apart from English. 

Not only did Gandhi write in this journal, but he also gave a substantial amount for meeting various needs of the publication. This journal became a very important instrument and institution in Gandhi’s life in South Africa.