According to Ayurveda, the science of health and life, Kapha provides the body with stability, strength and resistance to disease. It is white transparent, sweet - saline, dense, slimy, heavy and slow in movement.

The five Kaphas are,

1. Avalambaka Kapha
Avalambaka Kapha located in the area of the chest protects and strengthens the heart with its nutrient elements.

2. Kledaka Kapha
Kledaka moistens the food in the stomach to break it up. The amasaya (stomach) is its domain.

3. Tarpaka Kapha
The chief duty of this Kapha is to ensure the well-being of the Indriyas (sense organs) situated in the brain.

4. Bodhaka Kapha
Situated in the pharynx, the Bodhaka Kapha moistens with saliva the substances that come in contact with the tongue.

5. Sleshaka Kapha
The Sleshaka Kapha is situated in the joints to keep them firm and lubricated.