The mystique of human body has intrigued both epicureans and philosophers for ages. In Ayurveda the body is considered to be a blend of the five basic elements: Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. 

When these elements are in perfect equilibrium, the body houses the universal consciousness and echoes the harmony of nature. It is controlled by the three bio-regulating principles – the Tridoshas – which when in equilibrium are called Tridhatus. 

The five elements which compose the human body are combined in such a way as to form the three humors which control all the processes of health and disease.

The three elements which kick-start the various functions of the body are known by various names in different parts of the body according to the task they perform. 

Hence, there are three Doshas, seven Dhatus and three Malas with sub-divisions for each. Let us start with the three Doshas – the Vata, the Pitta and the Kapha.