The Pitta is responsible for the generation of heat and the digestion of food. According to Charaka it is a hot, slightly unctuous, mobile fluid with an acidic taste and the smell of raw meat.

According to Ayurveda, the science of health and life, the five Pittas are,

1.Pachaka Pitta
All the stages of digestion till the extraction of the essence from the chime are governed by the Pachaka Pitta that is situated in the region between the stomach and the intestines.

2.The Ranjaka Pitta
The Ranjaka Pitta, which imparts its characteristic colour to the chyle, plays a vital role in the formation of the Rakta Dhatu or blood.

3. Sadhaka Pitta
This Pitta is responsible for Buddhi (intelligence), Medha (memory and intellect), Utsaha (enthusiasm) and Abhimana (self-esteem).

4. Alochaka Pitta
The Alochaka Pitta functions in the retina to make possible the perception of the Rupa (form) and colour of an object.

5. Bhrajaka Pitta
This Pitta located in the skin, facilitates perspiration and maintains the temperature of the body. It also helps in maintaining a good complexion.