Charaka Samhita

This is the earliest literature on Indian medicine and health. The book is written in the form of the teachings of Atreya as imparted to his pupil Agnivesa.

According to the Bower Manuscripts, a collection of medical and divinatory texts, Charaka lived in the 5th century AD. Other sources from China say that Charaka was the court physician of emperor Kanishka whose period was around 100 AD.
The eight main divisions of the book are
1.    Sutra Sthana
2.    Nidana Sthana
3.    Vimana Sthana
4.    Sarira Sthana
5.    Indriya Sthana
6.    Chikitsa Sthana
7.    Kalpa Sthana
8.    Siddhi Sthana