Kashid beach

Kashid, a coastal strip, is tucked in between two hillocks near the Arabian sea on the west coast of India. It is the most charming beach of north Konkan region in Maharashtra state. It lies just 30 km away from Alibaug on the Alibaug – Murud Route. Mumbai, the state capital is 135 km away from Kashid.

Kashid Beach:
This 3 km long beach houses all elements required for beach stay. Tourists can relax for a while from city hustle and bustle on this white sandy beach. Casuarina trees, lush green mountains, paddy fields and tiny streams frame a picture perfect backdrop for Kashid beach. The crystal clear blue water is the most captivating element of Kashid.

Murud Beach:
This fishing hamlet with clear blue sea water is one more option for beach lovers. It is located a few km away from Kashid beach.

Janjira Fort:
This fort, the only one of its kind is located offshore in the Arabian sea. This unconquered fort belongs to the 17th century. Malik Ambar, a minister during the reign of Sultan of Ahmednagar constructed the fort. This marvel of ancient engineering stands in spite of ravaging winds and tides of the Arabian sea.

According to Indian history, this sea fort was unconquered even by the mighty rulers of the country. The fort took nearly 22 years to get completed. It sprawls across 22 acres of area. This oval shaped fort is accessible through ferry boats available for rent. The existence of a deep well, with sweet and cold water amidst the salty sea, is the wondrous feature of Janjira fort.

The remains of palaces, mosque, bath etc., take the tourists back to ancient times. The mighty walls 40 ft high and with several arches enthrall the visitors. Tourists can even now spot a few cannons under these arches.

Palace of the Nawab:This luxurious mansion is perched atop a cliff on the mainland. It was built by the Nawab of Janjira. Tourists can view the majestic Janjira sea fort and the Arabian sea from this palace. This place near Kashid is worth visiting.

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary:
This sanctuary is just 10 km from Kashid. Tourists can see various species of birds, butterflies, snakes, leopard, sambhar deer etc., in this sanctuary.

Revdanda Beach Fort:
This remnant of Portuguese invasion is a pretty sight being flanked by water on its three sides. Tourists can see a seven storied tower still standing in this fort, while other major parts have been ruined. Currently this place is a haven for betel nut cultivation.

Datta Mandir:
Datta Mandir, a red domed, magnificent shrine was built by Shri Swami Bramhendra atop a hillock. The shrine is dedicated to Shri Datta. Situated amidst lush greenery, Datta Mandir is accessible by motorways. However, adventure lovers can opt to trek up the hillock. Datta Mandir is very close to Murud beach.

Mumbai airport, located 140 km away from Kashid is the nearest airport to this beach. Roha railway station on the Konkan Railway line is the nearest railhead and is 122 km from Kashid. Kashid is also connected by well laid motorways.