A most enchanting beach, Covelong, is located 40 km to the south of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state. Stretching along the Coromandel coast of southern India, Covelong lies in the Chennai – Mahabalipuram route. This beach is separated from the mainland by a canal running parallel to the Bay of Bengal.

This dreamy fishing village was originally a port town built by the Carnatic Nawab, Saadat Ali. In 1746, this place was an important political hub for the French. During the Carnatic War in 1752, Lord Clive razed down the fort. Earlier, another fort had been built here by the Dutch. This fort has now been converted as a beach resort, called Taj Fisherman’s Cove.

Aqua Sports:
The highly spirited village of Covelong is well known for its brisk fishing activities. Being frequently visited by tourists from all over the world, Covelong is the ideal place for sea surfing, as the sea and the wind are very gentle. Besides swimming and other water sports, one can seek the help of local fishermen and set out to sea in catamarans. These are the popular activities among the tourists. Thus this cool beach spot is the right place for adventure seekers.

Beside enjoying water sports, visitors can visit the remains of the old Dutch fort, catholic church and mosque. These monuments lay a few yards across from Covelong beach.

Mahabalipuram:Tourists can set out for a mystical excursion to Mahabalipuram. Being located 19 km from Covelong, this place has many historical monuments, rock sculptures, shore temple etc., which date back to the period of Pallava dynasty. The sculptures here were intricately carved out of rocks. Tourists must add this place in their Covelong tour itinerary.

Crocodile Bank:This Crocodile sanctuary is situated 7 km away from Covelong beach. Both adults and kids can have a good time here watching these hardy reptiles.

Dakshina Chitra:
If the visitors are eager to explore the arts, culture and lifestyle of southern India, then they must not miss out Dakshina Chitra. This place is an amazing cross country living museum. Visitors can see nearly 17 heritage houses, which were built in different architecture styles of village mansions in southern states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka.

They can also watch folk performances and learn a few skills from typical village artisans. Tourists can also savour traditional south Indian food in the restaurants situated here.

The nearest airport to Covelong is located 60 km away in Chennai. The nearest railhead is located in Chennai (40 km) and Chengalpattu (29 km). Also this place has well laid roads. The beach is also easily accessible by sea transport.