Pachmarhi - A hillock paradise

Pachmarhi is the highest point in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is perched at an altitude of 3500 ft above sea level in the sedate Satpura ranges. It is located 200 km away from Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. For the tourists who really want to get away from the chaos and noise of cities, this hill station would be the right choice. Its prime factors are peace and privacy.

In 1857, a Bengal lancer named Colonel Forsyth discovered this hill station. The enchanted British found that this place remained pleasant throughout the year. Because of it, they developed this area as a military cantonment. The Indian Army school of martial music is also at Pachmarhi. The government also concentrated on cottage industries development through which the region became prosperous.  

Tourists can come across local tribals such as the Gonds and the Korkus in Pachmarhi. These tribes lead a happy and contented life in their hutments which are scattered throughout the region.
Priyadarsini Point (Forsyth Point):
This is the point which enthralled the British Colonel Forsyth, the discoverer of Pachmarhi. It was named after him. Later the point was renamed as Priyadarsini point. The churches and houses with colonial ambience bear the traces of British architecture. Tourists can enjoy viewing the sunset during the evenings here. Travelers can also have a glimpse of the major peaks of Satpura range namely Chauradeo, Mahadeo and Dhupgarh.

Jamuna Prapat:
This is a spectacular fall in a stream. This is the place from where entire Pachmarhi gets drinking water. Tourists must visit the bathing pools above this fall.

Handi Khoh:
This is the most impressive small valley of this hill station. It has a 300 ft high cliff with attractive steep sides. Adventurous tourists should visit this spot.

Irene Pool:
Irene Bose, wife of Justice Vivian Bose discovered this pool. It was named after her. The stream from the pool flows through an underground cave. From here it splits into a series of falls over a Khud.

Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool):
This is one of the beautiful pools in Pachmarhi. It is easily accessible. It is a quite suitable place for a picnic. The shallowness of the pool makes it suitable for safe paddling around.

Rajat Prapat:
Tourists can reach this waterfall by walking over rocks and boulders for just 10 minutes from Apsara Vihar. The water pours down from a height of 300 ft.

Jalawataran (Duchess Falls):
It is located very close to Irene Pool. This falls is ideal for swimming. The trek is a little difficult as the path is very steep. Such setting makes it one of the picturesque waterfalls.

Sunder Khud (Saunder Pool):
It is located just about 2.5 km southwest of Duchess falls. It is a huge rocky pool which is quite suitable for refreshing baths.

Mahadeo :
This is a holy place which has a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and an impressive Shivlinga. Tourists must visit the cave on the east side of this hill. This cave has lots of beautiful cave paintings.

Chhota Mahadeo:
This is a sacred spot in Pachmarhi. It is a narrow point in the valley. Its rocks overhang a stream and a spring.

This place is one of the notable landmarks in the Satpura range. It is just 4 km from Mahadeo. Its highest point is crowned with emblems of Mahadeo worship.

This is a famous point in the Satpura range from where travelers can view the sunset.

Pandavas Cave:
This is the place where the five Pandavas of the great Mahabharata epic dwelled. The hill station derived its name from this cave. It has the excavations of ancient dwellings on the sandstone rocks. This cave is a protected monument in Pachmarhi.

The Christ church and Catholic church were constructed by the British in 1892 and 1875 respectively. The Belgian stained glass windows in Catholic church attracts tourists. The nave of Christ church doesn’t have a single pillar for support.

Satpura National Park:
This park is set up in 1981 in around 524 sq. km of area. Fascinating natural valleys, waterfalls and Tawa’s reservoir add beauty to this park. Tourists can come across bisons, tigers, leopards and a rich variety of birds.

Bison Lodge:
Bison Lodge is the oldest house in Pachmarhi constructed in 1862. Now it has been converted into a museum which houses the rich flora and fauna of Pachmarhi.

The nearest airport is at Bhopal (200 km). Most convenient railhead is at Pipariya (47 km). Pachmarhi is well connected with other part of India by buses.