Pithoragarh - Town of enriched culture in India

Pithoragarh is located at a height of 1,851 m in the state of Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal in India. It is the main town of a region bordering both Nepal and Tibet. On Feb 1st, 1960 Pithoragarh became a separate district. One-third of this district is covered by snow throughout the year.

This town is famous for a number of fairs and festivals which occur around the year. These trade fairs depict the history, culture and heritage of this district.

Pithoragarh has a number of lakes in and around it. Two of those lakes are Jolingkong and Anchherital situated at a height of 4,634 meters and 3,658 meters respectively. Spiritual tourists can visit quite a number of temples scattered in and around Pithoragarh. The Purnagiri temple, 20 km from Tankapur houses a goddess who fulfills one’s aspirations. Near Lohaghat, a Sikh shrine called Ritha Sahib is located. This shrine is associated with the visit of Guru Nanak.

The White Manu Temple:
The White Manu temple is also often visited by pilgrims. It houses a goddess who brings rain to this region when worshipped. One can see a huge swing erected at the base of a flight of steps leading to this temple. It is believed that the goddess and her sisters swing in it playfully. No one can see them but the swing moves!

Chandak, seven km away from Pithoragarh gives a panoramic view of this valley. It is at an altitude of 1,830 meters. That Kedar is an important religious centre, where a large fair is held on Shivratri.  It is 16 km away from Pithoragarh.

In Dhwaj, 28 km from Pithoragarh, one can enjoy the picturesque view of majestic snow-peaks to the north.

The temples in Baleshwar, 76 km from Pithoragarh were built by Chand Rajas in eighth century. These temples are famous for their hill architecture. Shakthi Peeth amidst the thick deodar forest, established by Adi Shankaracharya is located in Gangolihat, 77 km away from this district. Fourteen km from Gangolihat, one can worship Lord Shiva in Patal Bhuvaneswar temple. Travelers have to travel through a tunnel to visit this temple. In this tunnel, chemical reactions on the rock have manifested as the images of various Gods and Goddesses.

Panchuli view, an important spot located on the crest of a ridge, is 30 km away from Pithoragarh. One can view five snow-capped peaks from this viewpoint. Champawat, the capital city of Chand Rajas is 76 km from here. The fort of Chand Rajas has now been converted as the government office. Many architecturally beautiful temples are scattered around this city. The Punyagiri temple atop a rocky pinnacle is a noted pilgrimage centre. It is located 20 km away from Tanakpur. Devidhura is situated at an altitude of 2,500 meters (8202’) and is known for its scenic beauty and its Devi temple.

Various centres of Pithoragarh are well connected by roads to Almora, Nainital, Haldwani and New Delhi, the capital of India. The nearest railhead is at Tanakpur 151 km to the south. The nearest airport is at Pant Nagar, 249 km from Pithoragarh.