Panna, a city of Madhya Pradesh with royal past

The city of Panna, with its ancient royal past, is situated in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Even though Panna, the only diamond city on the Indian subcontinent, is today a vibrant city, it has maintained its charming sense of tranquility. Here visitors will be greeted with long, rolling green meadows, forests and hills, wildlife sanctuaries and fine ancient temples. To this day, Panna remains the most sacred pilgrimage for members of the Pranami sect spread all over the world. Submerged in royal history, this ancient holy land can truly be described as a gem of India. As with so many other destinations on this vast subcontinent, visitors should allow themselves enough time to take in the many attractions of history and culture.

Panna Tiger Reserve
Nestled in the Vindhyan range, the reserve spreads over both the Chhatarpur and Panna districts on the northern region of the state. The Panna district also serves as the northernmost boundary of the beautiful natural teak reserves.

The Ken river, one of sixteen rivers flowing through the reserve and also acknowledged as the very lifeline of the reserve, offers some of the most breathtaking scenery stretching over an area of approximately sq. 55 kms. Nature lovers who take a trip down the river may also have the opportunity of seeing the Long Snouted or Marsh Crocodiles in their natural habitat. Much of the reserve consists of extensive plateaus and gorges supporting a diverse collection of fauna and flora.

The Mahamati Prannathji temple, completed in 1692 is the temple of the most significance for Pranamies as it reflects their very existence, both spiritually and religiously. The Mahamati Prannathji temple, with its extravagant blend of muslim and hindu architecture, often serves to remind visitors of the majestic Taj Mahal.

The Jugal Kishoreji temple, built in typical Bundela style is considered to be the main temple in Panna.

The Baldeoji temple was constructed under the supervision of an Italian named Mr. Manly and is to a large extent, a small version of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is a magnificent building, considered to be the very finest in the region.

The Padmavati Devi or Badi Devi temple is an extremely old temple and also one of much historical importance.

All of the temples listed above are in Panna town but visitors should also keep in mind that apart from those mentioned here, there are many more scattered throughout Panna. Likewise, for those who venture a little further, many more interesting sights await.

Other places of interest
With its abundant natural beauty and undulating hills, Panna is also fortunate to have a wealth of spectacular waterfalls. Perhaps two of the most beautiful are:

Pandava Falls
In addition to some ancient caves and a beautiful picnic site, water cascading 100 feet into a large natural pond makes for some stunning scenery. Situated inside the reserve and close to the freeway, visitors have convenient access even during the yearly monsoons.

Gatha Falls
Not many sights can be as enchanting as the Gatha falls. At a height of some 300 feet, this waterfall presents itself at its best during the monsoon season. Even without leaving the road, these falls are a sight to remember.