Gandhi refuses to change his usual attire

King George of England gave a reception to the participants of the Round Table Conference at the Buckingham Palace. Gandhi was one of the invitees. 

What would be his dress like, when he goes to the Royal Palace, his friends discussed the matter. Some of them reminded Gandhi that it was a highly formal occasion and so he had to dress up to suit the occasion, they opined. 

But typical of him, Gandhi refused to lend an ear to what they all suggested. He would not change the style of his dress –the simple loincloth and a shawl. He would wear the clothes as he usually wore even when visiting the King. 

If those in the palace did not relish it, he would not go there. He is not bothered how the Britons dressed up, nor what style of dress they liked. He would wear the dress of the people whom he represented, which is his usual attire. 

He represented the poor Indian people. He represented the Congress which in turn represented the half-naked and the half-starving millions of India

He would not like to dress up as the Nehrus did. He would live as what he was. He did not wish to deceive others by dressing up like the Britons.