Gandhi meets king

When introduced, the King told Gandhi that he had met him for the first time in South Africa. He had a very good impression of Gandhi at that time. What happened afterwards, the king wondered. “Why did you boycott my son’s visit to India,” The king asked Gandhi. “It is not your son whom the Indian people boycotted, but the representative of the British Emperor,” Gandhi replied. 

“We would not tolerate any revolt. All such moves would be strictly dealt with. And the royal rule would go on,” declared the king. How could Gandhi keep mum before this arrogance? But without losing his cool, and in his usual propriety, he told the king that he would not like to enter into a debate with the king especially so when he was a guest of the palace.

That was how his visit to the king ended. During his 84-day long stay in London, Gandhi visited a good number of important people, and also was received by the famous centers of learning, Oxford, Cambridge and Eton. On his journey back to India, Gandhi visited Romain Rolland in Switzerland.