Gandhi fasts at Yervada

The whole country was sad to hear that Gandhi began his fast unto death. People knew he would not relent nor would the government. This created a sense of deep concern and anxiety all over about the great man’s health and life. 

Poet Tagore wrote to him from Calcutta. Leaders from various cities and towns moved to Yeravda. Gandhi found time to speak to almost all of his visitors. Some of these conversations became serious discussion about the country and its movement for freedom. 

He had not suspended his routine of walking and spinning. All this made him exhausted. He was not able to walk. He had to be carried around from one place to another. And he was moved to the open in a hospital bed kept beneath a mango tree. This scene reminded one of the great Buddha who used to sit beneath a mango tree or a banyan tree to preach to his disciples. 

Gandhi’s wife, Kasturba, was brought to the prison.  Prayers were held all over the country for Gandhi’s life. Now the government too became worried. The condition of Gandhi’s health began to deteriorate by the hour. On the fourth day of the fast, about 25 top leaders held a meeting in Pune and decided to bring about a compromise and Gandhi was informed of it.