Gandhi warns re-launching struggle

He reached Bombay to get reports about the reign of terror the new viceroy unleashed on India. Beatings, shooting, arrests, and imprisonment – the spirit of the Gandhi-Irwin pact had already been destroyed and the whole country was in fear. Even Jawaharlal Nehru was arrested on his way to Bombay to receive Gandhi at the Harbor. 

The new viceroy, Lord Wellington, was bent upon killing the Indian national movement for freedom. Gandhi sent a telegram to the viceroy about what he heard and saw on his return from the Round Table Conference in London There were arrests and imprisonment without any trial. Properties were confiscated.  People were in fear of being persecuted. Beating and shooting of the people were the order of the day. 

He took it as the end of the friendship with the British Raj in India. He would re-launch the struggle if the government did not want the support of the people.  He wrote again to the Viceroy about the agreement he had concluded with the then viceroy, Lord Irwin, and called upon the new viceroy to stand by the spirit of the pact. If the Congress was compelled to re-start the agitation, the responsibility of it would squarely fall on the government, he warned.