Aurobindo international centre for education

On 24th of November 1926, Sri Aurobindo had self-realization and he stopped giving audience to visitors except for a couple of special days. His health was declining from 1949 onwards and on December 5, 1950, Aurobindo Ghosh, the great thinker, writer, revolutionary, national leader and spiritualist breathed his last, leaving a great treasure of his books and memories as his contribution to humanity. He had around 100 books to his credit, of which some are: The Ideal of Karmayogin (1918), The Ideal of Human Unity (1919), The Yoga and its Objects (1921), Love and Death (1921), Man Slave or Free (1922), Essays on the Gita (1922), The Mother (1924), The Life Divine (1939-40), Hymns to Mystic Fire (1946), Savitri (1950-51) and The Foundations of Indian Culture (1953).

The Ashram had been growing under ‘Mother’ Mira into a model school and it became a centre for higher learning named ‘Aurobindo International Center for Education. And Auroville became an international city where anyone who believed in the ideals and principles of Aurobindo could go and live. Mother Miradevi died in 1972.